Dirty Santa Game Rules

The Santa Steals Game at the LIPS PFF Holiday Meet Up Game at Sahara Dec 5th at 6PM here are the parameters of the rules….

  1. Bring a wrapped gift of no more than $25 in value, which must be POKER RELATED! So get creative!!
  2. We will have cards for you to print your name on and a basket to collect them for all who bring a gift. If you don’t place your name in the basket, we won’t have the correct number of players/gifts and it’ll mess it up, so don’t forget this step!

    Game Rules

    The person chosen/called (No. 1) may choose any gift from the pile. Once chosen, they unwrap the gift for everyone to see and then it’s the next person called (No.2) turn.

    The second person chosen can STEAL the gift from No. 1 if they like it OR they can chance it and choose any gift from the pile. If No.2 steals No.1’s gift, No.1 must choose another gift from the pile.
    No. 3 then has the choice to steal any of the already chosen unwrapped gifts or choose any from the wrapped pile.

    The fun starts to ramp up when the first gift is ‘stolen’, the person who has their unwrapped gift stolen can then also steal an unwrapped gift from another player or pick a new gift from the pile.
    The only rule is that if your gift is stolen you can’t steal it back in the same turn and a gift that has been stolen twice is dead. The gifting ends when the last present is chosen and unwrapped from the pile and everyone has a gift to take home.

    WILD CARD!!! The LAST person to have their name called is the Wild Card. They can steal ANY present, even if it’s dead. But the person who they steal from can not steal from a dead gift player. So it goes pretty fast!

    This is loads of fun and please, if you have any questions, feel free to ask BEFORE the day of the event – See you all soon!!