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Qualify for LIPS events!

As our calendar continues to fill, we want to provide you with the opportunity to get your “Buy-In” on the cheap! LIPS has had multiple opportunities to partner with an online group. Since the online world is difficult to maneuver at times, we needed the perfect platform and people in place to entrust our amazing players! And the best part? The Satellites are RAKE FREE! Yep, that’s right. Now if you’d like to play the other events they host, you’re welcome to do so. However, the LIPS Satellites are always RAKE FREE!

The “Back Story”

LIPS has been in the poker world for 20 Years. In the height of the “Poker Boom”, I met and collaborated with BLUFF Magazine and it’s owner, Eric Morris. BLUFF was one of the premier magazines in poker and LIPS was often featured in the magazine. We attribute some of our early success to this relationship. Bluff was sold after poker’s “Black Friday”, but the Bluff Players have remained close. Fast forward to today, Mike Leah and Eric Morris have collaborated on an online club on GG Poker called “The Whale Club”. Eric has reunited Bluff Players once again to play as “Bluffers Poker”. (You can join the Bluffers Poker Private Facebook Group here!) We’re thrilled to work these guys as their integrity and professionalism is unquestionable. Without further ado, we introduce LIPS Online!


Six Easy Steps to Join

  • Download & Install ClubGG Poker onto your phone, tablet or desktop Select the ‘Download Now’ button to get started. After the ClubGG Poker app is downloaded to your device, open the file (it may be saved to your Download folder), select your preferred language in the Setup window and select ‘Install’ to continue.
  • SEARCH CLUB ID 679450
  • ADD REFERRAL ID 6560-8577 (This way we know you’re a LIPS Player for our Satellites!)
  • Request your Chips from ERIC!
    Reach Eric on Facebook “Eric Morris”
    Text his Cell Phone (678) 761-4584
    On Telegram @ottermanempire16
    Use this link to get to the chat –

    ALL FUNDS ARE DEPOSITED IN US DOLLARS AND CONVERTED TO CANADIAN DOLLARS. Buy-ins on the site are in Canadian dollars. ALL WINNINGS ARE PAID OUT ON CASH OUT IN USD unless you’re Canadian =) You do not need to subscribe to ClubGG as we only use their software for our games.
  • Play some poker!

    INTRODUCING “LIPS BANKROLL BUILDERS” intended to build your bankroll to play in any LIPS LIVE EVENT! All LIPS ONLINE tournaments are Satellite Style. One in ten players receive the prize amount you’re playing for and the remaining balance will go to the next player. (i.e., 13 players registered for the $20 usd Bankroll Builder. First place is awarded $200, second place is awarded $60)

    Tuesdays at 4:30PM PST & 7:30 PST – $10 LIPS Bankroll Builders
    Thursdays at 4:30PM PST & 7:30 PST – $20 LIPS Bankroll Builders
    Fridays at 3PM PST – $30 LIPS Bankroll Builders
    Saturdays 10AM PST – $50 LIPS Bankroll Builders

    The minimum entries for a LIPS Bankroll Builder is FIVE players. It will guarantee at least 50% of the prize intended for your buy-ins. LIPS is adding LIVE events all the time. The Bankroll Builders allow you to play as many as you’d like to accommodate the LIVE schedule.

    Hi @everyone, there are no geographical restrictions. Anyone can play on this site as no transactions are taken on the site. All accounts are funded by PayPal, Venmo, Zelle, etc. please reach out to myself or Mike Leah to fund your accounts.

    For Upcoming Events: (Not all dates will have both times. Not all weeks will have scheduled satellites. PLEASE CHECK THE LIPS SCHEDULE)