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20th Year POY Race

20th Year POY Race

Introducing the 20th Year Anniversary Player of the Year competition. Every LIPS series tournament during our Anniversary Tour will be tracked for a POY Leaderboard. At the end of 2024, we’ll crown a Player of the Year with an amazing prize package with the win!

Our POY Winner receives:

  • 20th Year Anniversary POY Trophy
  • Entry to the 2025 WSOP Ladies Championship – SPONSORED BY World Series of Poker
  • Entry to the 2025 WPT Ladies Championship
  • Entry to the 2025 LIPS National Championship
  • A custom LIPS 20th Year Anniversary commemorative jacket

We’ll be adding tournaments to the schedule throughout the year and hope to see many of you for the epic 20th Anniversary celebration!


  1. LIPS POY Program is open to all women poker players who are of the age to enter and participate in a legally operated casino tournament.  *Only LIPS Tournaments which are geared to women only, and are regular pay out structured events are eligible for scoring. (No open, survivor or team portions of prize pools are eligible.)
  2. It is the responsibility of the player to check on the accuracy of their own POY standings.
  3. LIPS is not responsible for typographical errors.
  4. LIPS utilizes the provided payout sheets to capture player place finishes and to calculate total points based on the leaderboard formula.
  5. Every LIPS Tournament in 2024 regardless of buy in amount or field size qualifies for ranking. This is a celebration of all stops, so it seems for this competition, we want everyone involved.

There is no limit to the number of tournament events a player may play, or the number of entries per tournament.  Certain tournaments may be structured offering a single entry or multiple entries however, the final results is how we calculate the POY Standings.


1st – 50 points
2nd – 37.5 points
3rd – 30 points
4th – 27.5 points
5th – 25 points
6th – 22.5 points
7th – 20 points
8th – 17.5 points
9th – 15 points
Remaining 20% of those in the money – 10 points
Remaining 30% of those in the money – 5 points
Remaining 50% of those in the money – 2.5 points

NOTE: Most of the LIPS tournaments are eligible for the Women’s Poker Association’s Player of the Year Program too! Think of this as a “TWO-Fer” benefit.

Best of luck to everyone who plays this year. We’ll see you on the road!